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      Public holidays in Serbia:

  • January 1st and 2nd, New Year's Day
  • January 7th, Julian Orthodox Christmas
  • February 15th and 16th, Serbia National Day
  • Varies, Orthodox Good Friday
  • Varies, Orthodox Easter Monday
  • May 1st and 2nd, International Workers' Day
  • November 11th, Armistice Day

If one of the non-religious holidays falls on a Sunday, then the next working day is a non-working day.


      Public holidays in Romania:

  • January 1st and 2nd, New Year's Day
  • April/May, Easter
  • May 1st, Labor Day
  • May/June, Pentecost, Whit Monday
  • August 15th, Dormition of the Theotokos
  • November 30th, Saint Andrew's day
  • December 1st, National holiday (Great Union Day)
  • December 25/26th, Christmas

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