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Minifestifal film "Cine cultura" in Timisoara

              In the Western University of Timisoara The traditional average of March for the eighth consecutive year will be held minifestival films in the languages ​​taught at the University (Romanian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian). Each year, editors of your choice or the suggestions of students are to choose the films that will be shown during one week. The project is supported by the Western universities, but also a large number of different companies that do business in Timisoara. The idea of ​​the festival is that the audience, mainly students closer to the culture of other countries, ie. the people and present their language. The festival does not aim to introduce the politically engaged films, nor the new production, but mostly they emit with universal themes, regardless of genre, receptive younger audience.
             This year the audience was shown black humor Serbian film "Dead" cold "in 2002, written and directed by Milorad Milinkovic. And this time, the translation of the film into the Romanian language is supported by the Association of Serbs in Romania, a strange theme of the film was very well received by the audience, which was mostly done by students, but also professors and lecturers at the Western University.

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