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Visit of the Provincial Government representative to the Serbian Gymnasium in Timisoara

During his stay in Timisoara on November 28, 2018 on the occasion of the session of the Danube-Kriš-Moriš, the Assistant Regional Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government Nebojsa Drakulic, together with the Consul General Vladan Tadic, visited the Serbian Theoretical Gymnasium "Dositej Obradovic".
Speaking with the hosts, the director Jadran Klanica and professor of the Serbian language Vera Zupanski it was pointed out that the Serbian community in Romania greatly appreciates the support of the Provincial Government to this school institution, which in the course of last year allocated funds worth about 17.5 thousand euros for the complete furnishing of the cabinet Informatics (26 computers, server, interactive board, projector, printers, air conditioners). It was emphasized that every kind of help from the Serbian parent company was well received and expressed hope that the example of the Provincial Government will follow other institutions that have opportunities for this.
N. Drakulić personally convinced himself about the use of donated equipment and expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the Provincial Government made a contribution to improving the conditions and raising the quality of work in the Serbian gymnasium. He emphasized that multiculturalism and tolerance are principles that the Provincial Government nourishes, which will, in the future, help both the Romanian minority in Vojvodina and the Serbian minority in Romania. He pointed out that support for the Serbian children in the diaspora, when the provincial government is concerned, will never be missed.
N. Drakulić supported the proposal of the host for the establishment of cooperation between the high school Dositej Obradović and some of the gymnasiums from Novi Sad through the implementation of a joint project in the context of the European capitals of culture in Timisoara and Novi Sad in 2021.


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