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1. Scientific Symposium ,,100 Years of Great Events for Serbs in Romania"

In the framework of the "Day of Serbian Culture in Timisoara", it was held Historical Scientific Symposium "100 Years of Important Events for Serbs in Romania", November 2 – 3. The Symposium gathered more than twenty historians from Serbia, Romania and Germany and it was opened by Minister of Culture and Information Mr. Vladan Vukosavljevic as well as Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Bucharest Mr. Branko Brankovic and President the Association of Serbs in Romania Mr. Ognjan Krstic.
During the two-day Symposium, the scientific works relating to the events in Banat in the last year of the First World War were presented (Prof. Dr. Vasile Dudas, Timisoara - Meetings between Take Joneski and Nikola Pasic in the autumn of 1918 in connection with the Romanian-Serbian border; Mrs. Jovana Kasas, Novi Sad - Entry of the army of the Kingdom of Serbia in Timisoara; Dr. Slobodan Bjelica, Novi Sad - Banat's question at the Paris Peace Conference 1919-1920 ...), but also the topics focused on the consequences of the First World War on the Serbian population of Banat (Prof. Dr. Walter Konchicki, Germany - Monument to the Victims of War across Banat; Colonel Remus Makovej, Constanta - How nowadays marks memories of Serbian warriors have died for the defense of Dobrudza; Milan Micic, Novi Sad - Serbs from Romania to the Kingdom of SHS (1918-1941); Dejan Popov, Timisoara – Deprivation of bells from Serbian churches for war use, conditions and consequences ...).
At the end of the Symposium, the participants with the President of ASR Mr. Ognjan Krstic and Consul General Vladan Tadic, visited the Fortress of Arad and laid a wreath at the Memorial which contains the remains of the of the Serbian internees who died during the First World War. 



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