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Celebration the National Day of the Republic of Serbia

On the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Serbia, 02/15/2017. at the headquarters of the Union of Serbs in Romania, held a gala reception. Accepted the invitation highest officials of Timis county, representatives of the consular corps, arhijerejski Deputy Serbian Orthodox eparchy of Timisoara, Banat Metropolitan associates, multiply the clergy, representatives of local authorities, the Inspectorate of Timis, the deputy gendarmerie, border police representatives from Timis county, President asoocijacije County Tourism Promotion Timis, dignitaries and businessmen - members of the serbian community in Romania, prominent representatives of the SSR and friends of GK.

The ceremony began singing the Serbian and Romanian national anthem, a welcome speeches were held by Consul Eran Irena Radojicic, Prefect Mircea Bakala and president of the county council Kalin Good. Consul Eran referred to the traditionally good and friendly relations between Romania and Serbia and thanked Romania for the support provided by Serbia at a time when it faces different challenges. Special thank the professional and friendly relationship with top county and city authorities as well as the good cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Timisoara, Banat Metropolitan's Palace, the Association of Serbs in Romania, Romanians and members of the Serbian community.

In his address to the Prefect Mircea Bakala the relations between Serbia and Romania assessed as good, especially pointing out the privileged friendship which Serbia has with the county Timis. He also spoke about the role of the Serbian minority in the Romanian society, which connect to a socijalnonom, cultural, economic and political level contributes to the development of Romania.

President of the County Council Good Kalin said that GK is continuously working to deepen relations and good cooperation between Serbia and Timis county in various fields. He thanked for the support that had previously been provided in the implementation of various projects, events, and especially in the field of cross-border cooperation is in the mutual interest of the development of Serbian and Romanian community. He reminded that the Serbian community living in Romania makes a significant contribution to linking different cultures, religions and traditions in a multicultural environment such as Timis County.

The program was planned short speech great connoisseur of Serbian history, prominent intellectuals from the region, one of the most respected members of the Serbian community Stevan Bugarski. The audience is closer to the events of the period of the First Serbian Uprising and the contribution of Serbs from these areas Serbian movement for liberation from Turkish rule.

After the program is completed the ceremony refreshments, which is appropriate for such opportunities.

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